Work Related Tax Deductions for Police Officers

The Taxation Office has an extensive facts sheet detailing the deductions that may be available to police officers. These deductions may include:

  • The work-related portion of mobile phone and home phone costs

  • Gun cleaning materials

  • Depreciation of equipment such as notebook computers, office furniture and printers

  • The work-related portion of internet costs

  • Informant expenses

  • Home office expenses such as electricity and insurance

  • Work related car expenses for other than travelling to and from work.

  • Premiums for sickness and accident insurance

  • Repairs to work-related equipment such as computers

  • Professional library costs

  • Uniform expenses, dry cleaning and laundry

  • Union or professional association fees

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

  • Professional journal subscriptions

  • Conference, seminars and training courses


To claim a deduction for any of these expenses the substantiation requirements must be met. These requirement vary depending upon type of expense claimed, but most commonly an invoice has to be retained. There are additional requirements for claiming car expenses.

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